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  Bye-bye Pre-Y2k Lifestyle, Hello Post-2020 Lifestyle Design!  


At Holisera, we're on a community mission to reinvent the modern-day mechanical way of everyday life to support healthy, balanced, and purposeful living. It's time to live like we're supposed to and shift how we do life, health, work, learning and play! 


Our interdisciplinary team of experts have been intentionally handpicked to cover all aspects of life to offer you (and your favourite people!) a holistic approach to embodied wellness, lifestyle design, eco-homemaking, creative craftsmanship, and meaningful career-building. Together, we will delve deep into key topics such as authentic expression, nutrition, mental health, movement therapy, mindful living, creating a home garden and homesteading, child development and education, healthy relationship building and family dynamics, conscious leadership, entrepreneurship, and much more. We're dedicated to human evolution through knowledge-sharing, inspiration, individual empowerment, and self-mastered transformation.

Our Mission

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What Brings Us Together

At Holisera, we believe in our individual and collective responsibility to create positive change in the world. For us, that is achieved through 3 pillars: sustainable lifestyle education, creating connection through community, and intentional transformation.

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 Adult Learning Event 12 Spaces Available 

 Embracing Transformation 

 Farm-to-Table Retreat 

 Summer 2024 | Mono, Ontario 

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